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Happy Easter!

Home learning for the Easter break

Mission from Mrs Nichol!

I hope you are all enjoying the activities that have been set so far. I have an ongoing mission for you all to complete whilst you are at home. Create a journal/diary that you update daily with the following things:

  • A happy memory from the day
  • What you have done that day
  • A message for a friend/teacher to read when we return to school
  • Anything else you wish to include!


Don't forget the following:

  • Capital letters at the start of your sentences and for names and places
  • Finger spaces between words
  • Use your phonics (robot talk/robot arms) to sound out your words carefully
  • Full stop at the end of your sentence
  • Read it through to check it makes sense (edit it if needed)


I cannot wait to read these journals when we return to school! You will be awarded a special journal writing certificate when you bring them in!



Last week Maple and Hazel classes has a fabulous week investigating all things science. Not only did we discuss the diversity both of humans and animals with some great research from our library we learnt about invertebrates and went on an invertebrate search even making some shelters for some. We learnt what it would be like to be a farmer, understanding crop demand with the use of bar graphs. We then chose some crops of our own to grow and look after. Finally we discussed what material would be best to make a new coat if we lived in Antarctica.  We tested the temperature of water using a thermometer  before and after using cups encased in different materials. We left the cups in the fridge and then tested the temperature an hour later.  The results surprised both the children and the adults. Wow what a week!


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When Maple Class met the farm animals they were very excited, just like the adults. We had a fabulous morning learning about the animals we met and having a chance to meet them up close. What a morning! 

Maple Class meeting the farm animals.

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We all had a great day meeting the animals. Take a look...

Superheroes Topic Grid

Maple Class used the snow today to go on their science walk. It was great fun!

Maple Class made bird feeders out of recycled kitchen rolls, golden syrup and bird seed. We had a great afternoon and hung them in the forest rangers area.

Dear Parents,


Happy new year!

Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas gifts; it was very kind of you to be so generous. We will enjoy spending our vouchers. We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to welcoming your children back as we start our new topic... Crazy Creatures!


Many thanks,

All the year one staff

Maple class meets Zoo Lab.

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When we came face to face with some crazy creatures.

Maple Class Science Boats

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In science this week Maple class have been learning about Materials. The children tested which materials would make good boats to sail across the ocean.
Maple Class have been learning about having a growth mindset. In IT the children filmed their friends giving each other tips on never giving up!

Maple Class Growth Mindset

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Dyson Determination

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We learnt about James Dyson and heard how many times he had to try until he succeeded. We practised our videography skills by filming our friends giving some Growth Mindset advice.

Year One learnt about Johannes Gutenburg's invention of the printing press. Take a look at them exploring printing in their art lesson...

Maple Class made recycled paper for their eco warrier day. They collected leaves, followed instructions and made recycled paper. Its is still drying ready to use soon!

Hazel Class are Eco Warriors and have used recycled materials to make their own paper!

Maple class learnt a poem and made poppies for remembrance day.

Maple Class

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Remembrance Day

Incredible Inventions

3D shapes in Maple Class

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Maple Class have been learning about 3D shapes and matching them to everyday items they could find in the classroom.

Maple class

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We have been learning about recycling. We are Eco warriors!

Clay pigs by Hazel class

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Hazel class baking gingerbread men

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The making of gingerbread men in Maple class

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Maple class have had a fantastic week this week learning to follow a recipe to make gingerbread men.

Hazel class are recycling experts

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Hazel class' beanstalk adventure!

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Take a peek at our West End in Schools drama workshop!

Hazel's Seasons Walk

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On a beautiful sunny afternoon Hazel explored the school grounds to look for signs of seasonal change.

Welcome to year 1! Here is a link to our topic grid for this half term

Forest Rangers!

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Year 1's trip to Odds Farm!

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Take a look at all of our exciting learning opporunities this term...

Take a look below at some of our twists on The Gigantic Turnip story using our computing skills!

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Gigantic Turnip 2.MOV

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Gigantic Turnip 3.MOV

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Gigantic Turnip 4.MOV

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Take a look at our investigations!

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Have a sneaky peak at what we will be learning after the Easter holidays. Our topic will be "Nature Detectives". We are looking forward to getting muddy, mucky and merry!

Year 1's Superhero WOW day!

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Year 1's Trip to St Albans Cathedral

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Science Week

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Check out everything we have been learning in Science Week!

We are Superheroes! 

This term we will be exploring lots of different superheroes and how we can be superheroes ourselves! Take a look at the topic map below to see what we will be covering...

Take a look at what we have been doing in English...

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This is how we develop our fine motor skills in Year One!

Polar Bear Paintings!

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Welcome back!

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas and we wish you a very happy new year. We have lots of exciting things planned this term. Our new topic is "Crazy Creatures". Please see below an outline of what we will be learning about in each area of the curriculum. Don't forget to keep an eye out on the website as we will regularly showcase our learning.

Year 1's Christmas Shopping Experience!

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Christmas Forest Ranger WOW day!

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Check out Year 1 building and roasting marshmallows over a fire!

Year 1's Robot Inventions!

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This term we have been learning about incredible inventions. Here are some of our own incredible robot inventions we designed to help reception children :)

Learning our "Left and Right"


Here is a song that we have been enjoying to help us learn our left and rights. See if you can sing along at home!



Year One have been learning how to measure the length of all sorts of items in class. We have been using non-standard units to compare and measure. Can you spot what we used to do this?

Diversity Week


It has been an action packed week in school. We have been busy learning all about "equality". On Wednesday we had a very exciting visit from "Aston Hearing". We learnt all about out ears and how we can hear. We also learnt that not everyone has good hearing or can even hear at all. As part of this workshop we learnt some sign language. Take a look at the videos and pictures of us practising our new skills.

Sign Language

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Sign Language

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We practised sign language with our talk partners

Autumn Term 2 - Incredible Inventions

We are really looking forward to starting our new topic of "Incredible Inventions". We will be learning some AMAZING things so please keep an eye out on the website for this. Please see below our topic grid and have a sneaky peak at what we will be learning.

Geography - We have been learning about the importance of maps and have had a go at making our own treasure maps!

Jack and the Beanstalk

Over the last few weeks we have been learning the story of Jack and the beanstalk. The children have been practising telling each other the story. Maybe you could challenge them at home and ask them to tell you the story too!

We are now innovating the story and have decided to change it from Jack and the beanstalk to Jack and the ladder! Some children have come up with other ideas such as:

  • Jack and the jet pack
  • Jack and the volcano
  • Jack and the giraffes neck
  • Jack and the mountain
  • Jack and the giant rock

We are currently working hard on writing our innovated masterpieces. We really are authors in the making!

Science in action!

Year One went on an investigation within the school grounds. Our mission was to find out all about Autumn. We explored the colours we could see, the weather, the plants and even the sounds of autumn. We love to get hands on with our learning and find things out for ourselves. Take a look at us in action!

Doubling in Year One

Year One have been working really hard on their doubles to 10. We have learnt how to use a bar model to show our doubles and we are getting pretty fast! We have even learnt a song to help us. Please see the link below to the song:


Bar Modelling in Year One

For more information on bar modelling take a look at the link below:

Art in Year One - We explored the work of Andy Goldsworthy and had a go at creating our own masterpieces. Take a look...


We are currently working really hard on consolidating our numbers to 20. Please practise as much counting at home as possible. This may be counting the items in your weekly shopping, counting out the ingredients for a meal or anything else that you can include counting in. It would be fab if you could practise writing the numbers too. Have fun!

P.E in year 1 - We've been working on our balances in P.E

Parent Information: Please see below the power point introducing you to Year One. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact a member of the team.

Year 1 Topic Overview