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Week Commencing 18/05/2020

Dear lovely Year 1 children and families,

We are still enjoying and loving to see all your work you are doing.  Please keep sending them in to the class email addresses.




Continue with your flashcards for phase 5, how about a game of Bingo? You and a sibling or a gown up can play together. On a blank piece of paper write 6 of the sounds down (try to choose different sounds to your opponent). Ask your grown up to have the full list of sounds in front of them. They then call out one of the sounds and if you have the matching one, cross it off.  Once you have crossed off all your sounds shout Bingo!

Another game to play: have two bowls placed in separate places in the house or garden. Write all the phase 5 sounds out, cut them out and put them in one bowl.  Ask a grown up to say one of the sounds and you have to run to the bowl of sounds, find the matching one and run and put it in the empty bowl. How fast did you manage it?



Well done, we have heard from your grown ups how well you are reading, keep it up! After reading this week how about writing out the story but this time change part of it. Can you change the main character or what happens at the end? We would love to read your alternative stories.



I hope you have been enjoying the Tin Forest. What a lovely book. There is a lovely animated version on you tube if you want to refresh your memory:

Would you be able to try and retell the story to a grown up, a sibling or a teddy?

Based on the story let’s a have a try at answering some of these questions. Have a go at writing the answers making sure you don’t forget your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces.

What do you think the word ‘windswept’ means?

What do you think ‘close to forgotten’ means?

Why do you think the old man feels his heart is empty? What do you think is missing?

Let’s now have a think of the story as a whole. (This is where you get to use all your adjectives).

How do you think the old man felt at the beginning of the story?

Why did he feel this way?

Let’s pretend now we are at the end of the story, with the old man with his toucans, tree frogs and tigers in the garden. How do you think he feels now?

For a super spicy challenge can you write a letter from the old man to the People of Planet Earth to tell them what they had done and how they made him feel. What he had managed to do to change things? Tell them what they could do to avoid the situation in the future.

Can you remember how we start a letter ‘To’ and end it with ‘From’. Don’t forget to include some of the changed verbs you looked at last week, if something happened yesterday you would add ‘ed’ to the end of the word ( yesterday I walked through the rubbish, I was so upset I jumped up and down).

We would love to see your work! Don’t forget to practice your handwriting, are you sitting correctly? Are you forming the letters correctly? Don’t rush, take your time.



We are going to think about ½’s this week. Some numbers can be shared into equal halves.

Find some things you can share equally between you and a teddy, (one for you, one for teddy). Do this with 2 things. How many do you have each? You should have 1 each. You can write this as ½ of 2 = 1

Try again, starting with 4 things. How many do you have each now? Can you write it down ½ of 4 =?

½ of 6 = ?

½ of 8 =?

½ of 10=?

Try now with 5 objects, can you share them equally between you and teddy?

For extra revision on work we have done, have a go at the following:

Can you try and count in 10’s? Remember our 100 square you can use one of these to help you. Have a go at trying to fold these shapes into ½’s or ¼’s. Can you write either ½ or a ¼ on each piece of folded paper.

We shall also be looking at money again this week. We know our coins

1p,2p,5p,10p,20p,50, £1 and £2

You could have a try at the following game to help you remember them

(Focus on maybe one coin at a time)

For a super spicy challenge can you do some coin investigating?

How many ways using only one coin can you make 10p? (I.e using 2p’s only) 2p+2p+2p+2p+2p = 10p Now try with 5p coins How many to make 10p?

Well done now try how many ways can make 20p, 50p and £1 using only 1 type of coin?

If you’re missing our maths minute challenge you can always have at go at some quick fire maths questions:

Choose level 1, addition up to 20 adding ones.  Good luck, your time starts now!


Topic (Humanities: Geography):

We are back to Prestwood this week! We know all about this village. Do you remember going for our walk around it back in September? This week we would like you to tell us all about Prestwood. Do you know any important facts about the village? Are there any important/famous people living in the village? Do you know how many people live here?  What other interesting facts can you tell us about Prestwood? Can you write a postcard to us and say why you like living here.  On the front of the postcard you could draw your favourite part of Prestwood. (See also P.E for a link to this topic).



Charanga lesson. I know you are enjoying this, keep going! We can’t wait to hear what your favourite style of music is? If you hear any music on the radio, have a think of what instruments you can hear, do you like the piece of music, if not why not?



This week we are looking at parts of a tree. Can you look at a tree near you, or one in a book. Can you draw and colour the tree and see if you can label the following parts: trunk, leaf, branch, bark, root, twig and bud.  We would love to see them.



Mr Roberts is still doing his weekly P.E sessions on a Friday and a whole school one in the afternoon, this is a great way of keeping fit and seeing your friends at the same time. Linking in with our Topic if you are going on a daily walk maybe you could count the number of post boxes or streetlights you see on your walk and include this information in your postcard.


Stay safe and well and remember that these activities are just suggestions. It is up to you to choose what you decide to do and you can always do other activities if you wish. We look forward to seeing you on the Zoom calls next week.


Do let us know if we can offer any help or support,

Year 1 teachers x