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Extra Curricular Clubs - Autumn Term

Extra-curricular after school Clubs will be restarting as follows :


Year 1 & 2 Lunchtime Sparks Club (from 12th Sept). Sparks is mix of storytelling and crafts with a simple Christian message and of course, lots of fun!

Book at



Year 2 Lunchtime Spanish (from 13th Sept) 



Year 1 Lunchtime Spanish (from 13th Sept) 


NEW FTF Multi-Sports club for Y1/Y2 Children (from 20th Sept) 

WednesdayAll day

Piano & Recorder Lessons for Y1/Y2 Children (Musical Minds/

from 12th Sept)


Y1 & Y2 Lunchtime French with La Jolie Ronde (from 14th Sept)

FridayAll day

Guitar & Ukulele Lessons for Y1/Y2 Children (Mr Cookson/

from 16th Sept.)



Mr Hercules Football for Y1/Y2 Children (from 16th Sept)


Additional information on the various clubs can be found in the individual provider letters below or at the provider website where listed. With the exception of the Lunchtime Sparks Club all activities should be booked directly with the providers listed.


For sports clubs, if it is not a PE day please send them in with a change of clothes, to change into for their after school club as appropriate.

Children will be dismissed directly from class to the clubs. Collection will be from Blue site gate. If attending Willow After School Club they will be passed on securely. If you would like further details regarding any of the above clubs, please contact the school office.