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Week Commencing 27/04/2020

 Dear lovely Year 1 children and families,

Wow, such amazing work you did last week. We have loved seeing everything your working on, well done!




  • Phonics Play website (  has some great games to play. Keep looking at your phonics sounds each day. It doesn’t have to be for very long.
  • Choose one sound and write as many sentences you can using that sound ‘ai’ for example. The snail in the rain.


  • Please continue to read for pleasure! You may not have books suitable for your child’s level of ability but with support children can read anything. Help your child sound out the tricky words and see if they can sound out the tricky words.
  • Look for road signs and house names on your walk. Can you sound them out correctly?


  • We hope you have been enjoying The Gigantic Turnip, if you need a recap you can watch “The Gigantic Turnip” (or, if you have a book of the Enormous Turnip, this would work too!)
  • Can you remember how to do a story map? Give yourselves 6 or 9 blank pieces of paper and try to draw the story using one 1 page in turn drawing what is happening. Remember a story map has no words just your pictures to help you remember how the story goes.
  • Then its your turn to write the story in your own words. Can you write the story using your story map as a reminder of what happens?
  • Don’t forget your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.
  • You could give yourself an extra challenge by including adjectives and time connectives (now, then, next, finally) to your story.


  • Using our amazing number knowledge we are going to concentrate on addition and subtraction this week. We will be using a 100 square. If you don’t have one you can always make one!
  • Let’s think of 2, 1 digit numbers that add together to make less than 10. E.g  3 + 4 = 7. We are going to add 10 to the first number and write the number sentence.

13 + 4 = 17.

23 + 4 = ?

33 + 4 + ?

43 + 4 + ?

Keep going until you get to 93 +4 + ?

  • Keep writing these number sentences down using the 100 square to help you if you need it to work out the answers. Can you see a pattern?
  • Can you do the same with another 2 digit number sentence? E.g. 2 + 6 = 8, keep adding 10 to the first number 12 + 6 = ?
  • 22 + 6 = ?
  • 32 + 6 = ?
  • 42 + 6 = ?
  • Keep going until you get to 92 + 6 = ? Do see a pattern again?


  • Let’s keep going by looking at subtraction number sentences. Choose a number between 1 – 9 then another number smaller than the first.

E.g  7 – 3  = 4  Keep adding 10 to the first number.

17 – 3 = ?

27 – 3 = ?

37 – 3 = ?

47 – 3 = ?

write the number sentences down until you get to 97 – 3  = ? Can you see a pattern? Use your 100 square if needed. Try another number sentence 8 – 5 = 3 keep adding 10 to the first number.

8 – 5 = 3

18 – 5 = ?  

28 – 5 =? Etc and can you see the pattern again?


  • We are going to be looking at plants this half term. If you are able to go in the garden or while you maybe on a walk can you and your grown up try and spot as many different plants as you can and try and correctly name them?
  • If you don’t have access to an outside space, you could use a book or the internet to look up plants.

Topic: (Humanities: Geography)

  • Last week you learnt all about London. We are flying this week to Edinburgh. Can you locate Edinburgh on a map of the UK?
  • Can you research with the help of a grown up everything you can about Edinburgh?
  • Can you write a letter to a friend which includes drawing and writing to show what you have found out about Edinburgh? E.g. Which country is it in? Is it a city, town or village? What famous landmarks or residents are there? What is Edinburgh renowned for? Can you tell your friend why you really want to visit Edinburgh?


  • Login to Charanga (details sent home prior to lockdown)


  • What a lovely time of year this is with the sun shining and the flowers beginning to bloom. If you are able to go outside you could maybe try and pick a daisy, or look a pretty flower up online or in a book.
  • Using a piece of paper and a pencil only, can you try and make a sketch of the flower you have chosen. Remember sketches are not coloured drawings they are just simple pencil drawings. You could try shading with your pencil to get more definition.


  • Mr Roberts will email the new link for Zoom lessons each week. Hazel is at 10.30 and Maple at 11.00 on a Friday morning and there has been an open to all session on a Friday afternoon.


  • Mrs Naylor would like you to Think about  last week’s Creation story and look at any video from  Planet earth.
  • Discuss with your family your feelings about how this makes us feel and our responsibility towards the earth.
  • Take a look at this creation rap; you could even write your own!




We would have spent an afternoon being eco warriors this week. You could be one at home instead.  Perhaps you may have some vegetable seeds you could plant and look after them and watch them grow. Alternatively, you could be a reporter for the day and maybe interview a member of your family about how to look after the planet. Do they know how to recycle the rubbish? What goes in which recycling bin?


Again, these are only suggestions for you to do while we are not at school together.


Most importantly, stay at home and stay safe.


Year 1 Team. xxx