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Week Commencing 15/6/20

Dear lovely Year 1 children and families,

We hope you are all doing well at home, here are this weeks activities for you to try! Keep up all the amazing learning you are doing J


Summer 2: Week 3


  • Practise reading the tricky words we have learnt so far; I, no, go, to, into, she, we, me, he, be, you, all, are, her, was, they and my.
  • If you want a spicy challenge you could also try; have, like, said, so, some, come, do, little, were, one, there, out, what and when. You may want to make flashcards out of these and try them each day. Don’t forget to look out for them in the books you are reading!
  • Ask your grown up to say a sound for you to write down, repeat with lots of differnet sound including the digraphs and trigraphs we have learnt:

Qu, she, ch, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er.

  • We have started looking at the new phase 5 graphemes too (there are different ways of writing sounds we have been learning that Ow can also be written as Ou. How many words can you think of with these sounds in. Your grown up can help you sort them in to two columns, the “Ow” words and the “Ou” words. You can add to this as you think of more words.  
  • Each day choose two of your Ow/Ou words to write in a sentence.
  • Design your own alien! We need to give your alien a name, not a name that already exists; a nonsense name. Can you put three should together to give your alien a name e.g. P-or-g. Try out lots of ideas before your chose one. For a spicy challenge you could think of a name with four sounds in!



  • Keep reading!! As we are learning about authors perhaps you would like to make a list of the authors of the books you are reading. Are any of your books written by the same author?
  • When you are reading story books look out for any sections where a character is talking, can you change your voice to make it sound like theirs? 



  • For our new topic, we are learning about Amazing Authors! Our next author is Judith Kerr  and we will be reading The tiger who came to tea. Read the story together, if you don’t have the book then have a look at this video;
  • Chose a sentence from the book and write it down. How could you make this sentence more interesting? Can you add any adjectives? Repeat with a few examples.
  • Who are the characters in the story? Can you draw and cut out or make a puppet of each character? Can you act out the story in the right order using your puppets? You could even have a narrator to tell the story (without reaching the book), while the puppets do their acting!
  • Can you retell the story with pictures and a caption under each?
  • Think of some adjectives to describe the tiger, draw the tiger and write them around him.
  • At the end of the story the tiger leaves, what do you think he did next? Write the next bit of the story yourself.




  • Each time we do maths we like to warm our brains up first; lets practise recognising all the numbers from 1-100. You don’t need to do every one, chose one to show or write it down and ask the children what number it is. How many tens does it have? How many ones does it have? Then repeat with different numbers.  
  • In maths this week we are learning about time. We will be practising reading O clock and Half past times and then moving on to Quarter past and Quarter to times. Practise this at home noticing these times on your clocks/ watch.
  • Have a circle either cut out or drawn on a piece of paper, notice that on a clock when it is showing a half past time, the minute hand has moved half way around the clock, cut/ draw half way around your circle. Notice that when it is quarter past, the minute hand has moved a quarter of the way around your circle, cut/ draw this. Notice that when it is quarter to, it is a quarter of the way back to the beginning, cut/ draw this.
  • You might even like to make/ draw your own clock making sure the numbers are in the right places around your circle.
  • After we have finished this learning we are moving on to learning about Pictograms. Have a look at the pictogram at the bottom of this page. What does it show you? 
  • Can you make your own pictogram to show how many people you know have a birthday in each month of the year? Using some squared paper write the months of the year along the bottom and then stick on a birthday cake/ balloon picture to show which month everyone’s birthdays are in. What does your pictogram show? Which month has the most birthdays in?



  • This week in science we are investigating which material would make the best den for peter rabbit to hide in. Luckily it’s not raining so we don’t need it to be waterproof, but we don’t want Mr McGregor to see Peter so it cannot be see through.
  • Talk about the words Opaque, Transparent and Translucent and what they mean. What materials around your home can you find and sort into piles showing whether they are opaque, transparent or translucent. Which Pile would be the best for Peter to choose something to make his den from and why? You might even want to make the den!


Topic: (Humanities: History)

  • We are carrying on learning about Beatrix Potter whose book we read last week. Can you remember any of the facts you leant?  
  • Imagine you are a TV presenter or that you have your own youtube channel and you are interview Beatrix Potter, what questions might you ask her? See if you can use the facts you learnt last week to think of the answers she could give. You could even act out the interview with your grown up, one of you could play Beatrix Potter and the other could play the presenter.


Music: Login to Charanga (details sent home prior to lockdown)



  • We are having another go at some painting this week using water colours. Choose a book character to paint or colour. Draw the outline first and then paint each section in the correct colours being careful not to add too much water to your paints.



  • Join in with the zoom lessons Mr Robert is doing. We wish we could come to these but now that we are in school it is sadly not possible.


Most importantly, take care and stay safe! J

Year 1 Team. xxx