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Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE)

PSHE helps to give  children  the knowledge, skills, strategies  and attributes to  make informed choices and decisions about the different opportunities and challenges life presents.  Pupils will learn about relationships, health and wellbeing, keeping safe, managing their off and online lives, living in the wider world and financial education at an age appropriate level. Providing a high quality PSHE curriculum gives pupils opportunities to explore issues that are real and relevant to them in their daily lives in a safe and managed environment.


At Prestwood Village Schools we are committed to providing a holistic approach to education which aims to support the academic, cultural, personal and social development of all our pupils. From September 2020 statutory Relationships Education and Health Education will be part of the taught curriculum within PSHE.  This is an essential part of a child’s education and contributes to their personal development. Our school rules – Be Ready, Be Respectful (Try to be happy and keep others happy), Be Safe – are reflected in this policy.


At Prestwood Village Schools we teach Sex Education as part of our Relationships and PSHE curriculum. As Sex Education is not statutory at primary we wish to state the right of parents and carers to withdraw their child from designated Sex Education lessons. We encourage parents/ carers to make an appointment to come in and speak to Miss Beynon – Deputy Head/PSHE lead (Prestwood Junior School) or Mrs Cordell (PSHE lead at Prestwood Infant School) about any concerns they may have.