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Week Commencing 6/7/20

Dear lovely Year 1 children and families,

We hope you are all doing well at home, here are this weeks activities for you to try! Keep up all the amazing learning you are doing J


Summer 2: Week 6



  • Practise reading and writing the tricky words we have learnt so far; I, no, go, to, into, she, we, me, he, be, you, all, are, her, was, they and my.
  • If you want a spicy challenge you could also try; have, like, said, so, some, come, do, little, were, one, there, out, what and when.
  • Ask your grown up to write down all the phase 2 and 3 sounds and go through them as flashcards each day.
  • We have started looking at the new phase 5 graphemes too (there are different ways of writing sounds we know). We will be learning about the split digraph “a-e” sound, this means there is a letter “a”, another letter, and then an “e”, like in “Cake.”
  • How many words with an “ai” sound can you think of? It might be spelt with “ai”, “ay” or “a_e”, can you sort them into groups based on which grapheme is used?
  • Can you write a silly sentence with as many “ai” sounds in as possible?
  • Each day chose an “ai/ay/a_e” word to write in a sentence. Practise saying the sentence out loud before you write it down and checking your full stops and capital letters.



  • Keep reading!! As we have been learning about authors, can you chose another author to research and learn about?   



  • This week we are continuing with our learning about The enormous Crocodile by Roald Dahl.
  • This week we are learning about contractions, words that use an apostrophe to shorten and join two words together (I’ll, I’m, I’ve, what’s, it’s, you’d, you’re, you’ve, they’ll, won’t, don’t, wouldn’t, won’t). There are lots of examples of these in the enormous crocodile, if you have the book at home go through and look for them! If you don’t them look for some in a book of your own.
  • Chose a contraction and write it in a sentence, repeat with a few examples.
  • In the story the Crocodile plays some tricks! Can you write an explanation of each of the tricks he plays to show you have understood.
  • “The Crocodile was clever” What do you think about this, do you think it is true or not? Can you use your knowledge of the story to explain your opinion. At school we will be debating this, perhaps you can argue this with your grown up, taking turns to say what you think and why, listening to a responding to what each of you say.
  • Choose a character from the book and present to be them! What might they say. Write a speech bubble for each character showing something they would say.
  • What was the problem in the story? The crocodile was hungry! Can you design and label a dinner for him.



  • As your warm up this week, practise writing your numbers from 1-10. Make sure the numbers are facing the correct way and neatly formed.
  • This week we are getting back to basics and doing some addition and subtraction number work.
  • We are using a bar model to investigate our number bonds to 10. Get ten objects and place them in the “whole” section of the bar model. Next split them up into the two parts and count how many in each. Turn this into a number sentence. How many different ways can you do this with your ten objects. As a spicy challenge you might like to try with 20!





  • We are going to investigate fact families. For example, if we know that 6+4=10, we also know:
  • 4+6=10
  • 10-4=6
  • 10-6-4
  • Show each of these on the bar model. Choose another number fact and generate the fact families that go with it using your bar model.
  • We are also practising solving addition and subtraction  number sentences on a hundred square, you might like to try this at home, making sure you are careful when your jump takes you across a tens number and you have to move rows.


Topic: (Humanities: History)

  • Roald Dahl lived in Great Missenden, our local area. Can you find out a little bit about the history of Great Missenden and Prestwood. What was it like in the past? How is it different now?


  • Have a go at making the puppet you designed last week!



  • Login to Charanga (details sent home prior to lockdown)



  • Join in with the zoom lessons Mr Robert is doing. We wish we could come to these but now that we are in school it is sadly not possible.

Most importantly, take care and stay safe! J

Year 1 Team. xxx