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Reading Books


Just to clarify the new system for reading books coming home...


  • One reading scheme book sent home on Tuesday and to be kept in book bag daily. This will ensure we can collect in on the following Tuesday when new books are issued for the week. This book will be at your child's current reading phonic level. 

  • One book from our class Book Basket (it will have an apple or cherry sticker on it) which the children can change daily themselves.

  • One library book for pleasure which can be changed each Friday.



Hello mums, dads, guardians and very important grown ups,


Welcome to Summer 1 and my, how this year is flying by at a rate of knots. We are now in Summer 1 and we hope to keep you updated on this term's learning and news. We do welcome any comments and suggestions that you may have so please feel free to drop us an email via the office or let us know in person. 

You can click on the links above to take you back to the previous parent information pages in case you would like to go back and have a review. 


We would love to set up a regular Secret Reader so if you are interested, let the Cherry and Apple teachers know.