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Information for parents

Welcome back to the new half term. Hopefully most of you have had the chance to speak with your child's classteacher to see how they are settling in and getting along. If you have not had this meeting yet, please do get in touch with the teacher or the office to arrange a meeting. 


We are begining the new phonics scheme so we are going to be starting at the beginning and working our way speedily through the sounds that we have already learned. If you would like to know more then please do click on the Little Wandle website as there is a parent page for your information. angel


Can we remind you that water bottles should be filled with water and juice is for pack lunches only. After learning about healthy teeth, please let's endevour to keep our teeth beautiful and healthy. laugh


If we could also remind you to order lunches with your children, if you occasionally forget, we can order at school. yes


As the weather is now turning chillier we have noticed hats and gloves are sensibly being sent in. Please do name these even though it is fiddly, a marker pen on the label will help us to locate missing items as holding up mystery gloves usually results in distant stares or a distinct lack of ownership.surprise 


Thank you for your continued support...we are still happy to have volunteers to help us during the day (reading, cutting, sticking etc) so if you know anyone who would like to give us a helping hand, please do direct them our way. 


The EYFS team