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Hello lovely parents and guardians, 


We know that we want the best for our little ones and we thought that we would use this page to also pass on some great webpages that may be useful and a source of support. Please do let us know if this is useful as we want to help. If there is anything that you would like to know, please do tell us and perhaps we can direct you to some advice or support that you need. 


The EYFS team 



Just to let you know that observations have now been sent out via Evidence Me  so please watch out for them. An invitation was emailed out to you at the start of the year. Although we are doing still observing children, we spend more time interacting so these are special moments showing the things that they are getting the hang of and learning to do. You can also upload your own observations to share with us, so please do use the features.

To help with your child and family's emotional well being, there is a lovely local lady called Jenni Honeyben who has a super insta and FB account as well as a webpage that you could peek at. 

My First Five Years is a great app for parents with great insights and advice to keep you up to date with the development of your child. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook for wonderful ideas to support your child's development. 

Background to helping your child to read

The Family Information Service is a great place to find lots of help and information for bringing up your wee ones. 

Please have a look at some activities to do at home. These are from the Early Years Family Service website