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Welcome to Spring 2 all you wonderful grown ups. You are being totally amazing and well done for coming back to read these pages where we try and support with the learning going on at school, direct you to family support services and generally have lots of information to help you with your lovely little ones. 


Do remember to look back on Autumn1, Autumn 2 and Spring 1 as these parent info pages have lots on them as well. 


The EYFS team x 

As you have probably seen from our Week 3 page that we are looking for toilet roll and kitchen roll inners for making binoculars, so if you have any spare please could pass them onto us. We love getting all sorts of boxes and packing to replenish our junk modelling area as the children love creating things. We find we can't keep up, so if you have a delivery or a purchase that has some interesting packaging that you do not want, please bring it to school. As long as there are no nuts or allergy inducing items that it may have contained or polystyrene we would love to have it. 


Apologies from us if we have not managed to change reading books or action a request. We have so many decisions and things that we are monitoring that sometimes we forget! If we have not responded to a request, please could you tap out an email to the office? We will endeavour to get to it straightaway. Please do bear in mind that we do not check the book bags daily so if you send clothes back or have put something in the bag for the teacher, it would be great if you let us know so we can take it out.


Class photo pamphlets were put into book bags on Friday so if yours is missing, then please let us know so that we can give you another one. Purchases can be made through the photographer's website. 

Reception Sensory Garden


Friends of Prestwood Village Schools has very kindly organised a Vote for funds at Tesco for a  Sensory Garden for Reception Children at Prestwood Infant School.

Help us to build an inspiring and magical sensory garden for our reception age children to learn and explore outside through curiosity and creativity!


Stores which will vote on our project:

Please see below a list of stores taking part in the voting on this project.  Feel free to share this list of stores amongst your friends and supporters and within the community.   

Voting will commence in store from the first week of April 2022 and continue until 30th June 2022.  

2020    Amersham    HP7 0HA    Superstore 5525    Amersham Hill Ave Exp    HP6 5BQ    Express 5527    Little Chalfont Exp    HP7 9PH    Express


Every little helps...


Thank you so much. 


The EYFS team x

We are looking forward to meeting you all for Parent's Evening on Tuesday (in person) and Thursday (online) - if you have not made an appointment yet, please do get in touch with the office for support. We will be sharing how your child is doing and answering any questions you may have. We have ten minutes however if you would like to discuss anything further, let us know and we can make arrangements. 

As requested after the initial parent meetings here is a link to the Little Wandle parent page. Hopefully you will find it useful to see how the phonemes sound in real life as well as see the order of phonemes taught with their mnemonics and the correct letter formation. 

Tricky Words we have learned so far. Please feel free to practise these.