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Good Morning Mathematicians and how are you all doing on this glorious sunny morning.  We hope you are all safe and well and ready to grow your brains!   Don't forget to log into Abacus as well as there are some activities on there too.  There number detective activities, rhyming twos and a number detective challenge.  There will also be a problem solving activity for your to try.   The homework sheet will be allocated at the end of the week.  If you have any problems logging in please do not hesitate to contact us.

Lesson one is all about Ordering and Comparing numbers.  Using our greater than > and less than < symbols.  As you will remember we sometimes refer to these  as "crocodile mouths" and the best thing to remember is that the crocodile always eats the biggest number!

e.g.  45 is greater than 24   45 > 24  


        24 is less than 45        24 < 45  


You will need today either a pack of cards, Lego pieces or different shaped pasta (you could use spaghetti and macaroni if you have it), or pieces of paper with numbers written on them.  Cut out a > shape from paper.  You can decorate it if you like and write greater than and less than on each side to help you.  If you are lucky enough to have a printer I will attached some resources you could print off, but you need to if you have the resources listed above. 



Numbers are made up of Tens and Ones.  The number 45 has 4 tens and 5 ones in it.  The VALUE of the 4 in 45 is 40. 


Task one:  

Using the resources listed above create a number.  e.g.   Red Lego pieces represent 10, blue Lego pieces represent ones.  Four red pieces and 5 blue pieces show the number 45.   Or Four long pieces of spaghetti for 4 tens and 5 pieces of macaroni for 5 ones.  See the picture below.


Task two:

Now create some greater than and less than sentences using the resources.  Remember: the crocodile eats the biggest number!

See photo Task Two.


Task three:

Use number cards 0 - 9 to create a two digit number.  You will need to draw a long line on a piece of paper or print off the resource below.  Mark on the number line exactly where you think this number will appear.  This is always a tricky task and you can make it trickier by having less numbers on the line to guide you.

See photo Task Three.


Task Four:

Create four two digit numbers and order them smallest to largest.  Again explain your reasoning behind where you place the card.  e.g.  23     56      32    65         I know that the smallest is 23 because it only has 2 tens in it.  65 will be the largest because it has 6 tens in it.  The value of the 6 is 60 (sixty).


Extension challenges:

Now put your Maths knowledge into words: e.g.


I know that 45 is greater than 24 because there are 4 tens in 45 and only 2 tens in 24.  

I know that the value of the 4 in 45 is 40 and the value of 2 in 24 is 20.


Take a two digit card and explain the reasoning of where on the blank number square this number needs to be placed. Again think about your number knowledge of tens and ones. 


Practise writing out your numbers in words.  one, two, three etc  How far can you go?


Spicier Challenge:

Take your learning a step further by creating longer number sentences: e.g.   44 > 24  =  32 < 52

Remember the symbol = means THE SAME AS   so  in understanding this sentence the answer is 20 = 20 .

Look at the difference between 44 and 24 is 20  and the difference between 32 and 52 is also 20.


44 > 24  =  32 <  52

     20    =      20 


Talk through you answer.  Remember the challenge is to put your understanding into words!





Task One: Understanding how a number is made of TENS and ONES

Task Two: Create a number sentence using the Greater Than and Less Than symbol

Task Three: Try placing a number in the correct place along a number line.

Sam creating numbers. Explaining how the number is made of tens and ones. Working with Greater and Less than. Well done Sam.

Phoebe's Super Maths Work

Emilia hard at work. Lovely to see she's also helping to grow her brother's brain too! Superstar.