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Food Chains

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In science this week Oak Class have been looking at food chains, learning the language used to describe a food chain. The source (sun), a producer (a plant), a consumer (who eats a producer), a predator or top of the food chain (eats a consumer). The children learnt that there can be many consumers within a food chain. It was interesting to hear their ideas and thoughts about each stage of a food chain. Their understanding grew as they found out that each element passes energy onto the next part of the food chain, right round to the stage when an animal decomposes down into the soil to begin the cycle again. See if you can create a food chain at home. Think of different habitats and which plants and animals you may find within it. We'd love to see your ideas.

Exploring different emotions...

What happens next to Albie?

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This week in English we have been creating new story maps for what happens next to Albie once he gets home. The children came up with some wonderful ideas. Here are three videos which show what they have been up to. Well done to Amy, Emilia, Noah and Tom for braving the camera.

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Right me-hearties we will be having our Pirate WOW day on the Wednesday 27th November 2019.  A letter will be in your child's bag today or tomorrow....... 



Don't forget to bring in a tissue or small cereal box for our Art this week.  

We've had a very busy week in year 2. 


In English we have been learning all about the story Plunge into the Pirate Pool by Caryl Hart and Ed Eaves.  It's a wonderful story about a boy who goes to a swimming pool and dives into a mysterious world full of pirates, treasure chests, monstrous creatures and an angry octopus.  They have drawn and stepped out their stories. The children also gave their thoughts and opinions on the story itself making sure to use 'because' to explain their thoughts and opinions. 


What do you like about the story?

I liked it when they had all the gold because they were happy. 

I liked the bit when seaweed licked Albie's face because it was funny.


What do you dislike about the story?

What I disliked about the story was when Albie slithered down the shark's throat because I would not be happy if I was swallowed down a shark's throat!

I didn't like it when the octopus gets tangled tentacles because the pirates cheered and I felt sorry for it. 


What would you like to know more about? 

I would like to know more about what happened in the story that Albie read when he got home. 

I would like to know more about the baby octopi because they are special. 


What would you do if you bumped into a pirate? 

If I bumped into a pirate I might run or swim away because some pirates might try to blow me into smithereens and that would be very bad.  These pirates (the pirates in the story) are nice so I will have a little shock but then I will be confident. 

If I bumped into a pirate I would scream and run away at hyper speed because he might make me walk the plank. 


In Maths this week we have looked at ordinal numbers.  Understanding that they can be written as a number and in words e.g. 1st and First.  They were then able to use ordinal numbers to describe position and plot positions too.  For example, Draw a rectangle with eight squares onto your page.  Then colour the 2nd, 4th and 8th block red.   We had a good look at money this week too.  Making sure that we understood which coins were which.  Learning that there is not a 3p coin and that you would need a 1p and 2p to make 3p.  They then had the challenge of making an amount three different ways using different combinations of coins.  Have a go at home.  Set yourself the challenge of how many different ways you can make 84p for example.  We also looked at adding 10p more and taking away 10p from a given amount.  Abacus is up and running again so please if you have any trouble logging on please do come and tell us so we can sort it for you. 


Topic this week has been all about the Oceans and Seas.  The children had a go at learning another new song about the oceans.  A little bit more challenging than the continents song, but still good fun. The children learnt facts about the oceans for example, the Arctic Ocean is the smallest and shallowest of the five.   We've had some wonderful books brought in this week and even a little turtle!  Thank you for sharing. 


In Science this week we looked at Living, Non living anymore and Never lived.  The children searched around the classroom to find objects that matched these titles, giving reasons for their choice.  Here are some of their thoughts: 

This pencil is not living anymore because it is made from wood from a tree. 

This plant is living because it is growing, breathing, taking in nutrients from the soil. 

The chair has never lived because it is made of plastic which has never grown, breathed or eaten or moved!


In Art this week we have been creating a wreath for Sunday's Remembrance Parade.  The children made wonderful poppies which were then stuck onto our wreath in the shape of a soldier.  Children have been invited to the ceremony on Sunday to lay the wreaths on behalf of the school. Please do pop down and show your support. 


Dates for your diaries:  We have had to postpone our Pirate WOW day this Friday.  Keep an eye on the website and newsletter for the new date. We also will be creating an ocean art scene within a box (starting on the 20.11.19), so can we ask you to bring in an old tissue box in readiness for this. Many thanks in advance.


We are now well and truly into inclement weather so please make sure that you bring in a suitable coat EVERYDAY and don't forget to name it!  

Our busy week in photos. Ending with our magnificent soldiers ready for Remembrance Day on Sunday

Plunge into the Pirate Pool by Caryl Hart & Ed Eaves

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This week the children have been learning their new story. It has pirates, treasure chests, monstrous fish and an octopus! They have been creating their own story maps in Talk4Write style and stepping it out. Here's Pixie who has worked so hard today on her story map stepping out her story.

Topic Grid for Autumn 2

PE - Dance

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Today year 2 took their first foray into country dancing today. They were magnificent.

African Masks

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Take a look at Sycamore's musical composition using the Glockenspiels...

sycamore glockenspiel

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Subtraction using Dienes (Base Ten)

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The children have been using Dienes to create a two digit number. They have been partitioning the number to show tens and ones. We have then been using dienes to subtract a single or two digit number from a two digit number. They were able to "exchange" a tens stick for ten ones, to help them subtract crossing a ten e.g. 36 - 18 = Watch the video to see Oscar and Alice swapping out a tens stick for ten ones, so they are ready to take away more easiliy. By using the dienes the children have been able to see how a number can be made up of tens and ones and that those tens can be exchanged for an equal amount of ones.

Woburn Safari Park 2019

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We had an amazing trip to Woburn Safari Park on Friday 4th October. The children went on safari where, with the help of Harvey, they learnt lots of fascinating facts about the creatures they saw. After that we had a talk about BIG CATS where the children were able to share their knowledge about the big cats and learn some more facts. Then we had the chance to explore more of the zoo. Lots of fun was had by everyone. A massive thank you to our parent helpers that came on the trip.


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In year 2 today we took 2d shapes and investigated which shapes tessellate and created our own tessellations.
We made an arrangement of shapes closely fitted together, especially of polygons in a repeated pattern without gaps or overlapping.

Sycamore Class

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This week we took our Pac-Man right angle finder outside the classroom. We searched around the school to see how many right angles we could find.

Oak Class - Right Angles

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Today we went on a right angle hunt. We looked around the class using our Pac-man to see how many right angles we could find.
We then sorted shapes onto a venn diagram.

2d Shape sorting using a Venn Diagram

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This week we have been looking at 2d shapes. Thinking about the properties of the shape. How many sides does it have? Are they curved or straight?
We have then used a Venn diagram to sort the shapes accordingly.

Oak Class creating Globes

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Money Investigation

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On Friday Oak Class were given 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins. They had to find how many different ways they could make 10p and 20p individually and then as a team. Some great team work was seen, well done everybody. Have a go at home and see if you can find as many different ways to make 50p and don't forget to let Mrs Reid-Jones know.

Year 2 Timetable 2019-2020

Autumn 1 Topic Grid Fantastic Felines 2019 - 2020

Meet the teacher presentation

Learning essential life skills...

Learning essential life skills... 1
Learning essential life skills... 2
Learning essential life skills... 3
We are learning how to use lots of different equipment in the kitchen. Today we have been chopping up lots of different fruits.

Oak Class

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This week we have been creating our own maths games. The children worked in pairs to create a game and then they played them. The children got to share their games with the rest of the class, playing with different people.

Brain Buster Workshop

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Oak Class

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Oak Class had great fun making their brains ache! First job was to create a puzzle with each member of the group having to draw a piece of the puzzle. Then we moved onto using cocktail sticks to create different patterns. After break we had a calmer time, still using our brains, to answer Sudoku quizzes, puzzles and complete a wordsearch.

Capacity and multiplication

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Year Two Andy Goldsworthy sculptures

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Position and Direction

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Today we had great fun getting to grips with position and direction. First came the challenge of learning our "left" and "right." Then incorporating quarter turns, half turns, anticlockwise and clockwise into our language base. We made a grid on the classroom floor and the children had great fun giving each other instructions to travel across to certain items placed on the grid. Then we took these new found skills to our books.

Oak Class - Andy Goldsworthy

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This terms artist is Andy Goldsworthy.
The children had great fun creating some very imaginative pieces of art from both natural objects outside, to more man-made objects found within the classroom.

Sycamore Class - Andy Goldsworthy

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This terms artist is Andy Goldsworthy.
The children had great fun creating art using natural objects they found outside on the field.

Healthy Living Day

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We had great fun making fruit and vegetable smoothies. Everyone enjoyed brushing their teeth after using their disclosing tablets. Lots of fun and serious talking was had too. Remember it's ok to eat some chocolate and cakes, just everything in moderation!

Maths - Capacity - Seagull Potion !

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Well done Year 2 on a fabulous Victorian Day.

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Well done year 2 on another amazing week.   In English this week we have been concocting disgusting potions.  Once the children's creative juices started flowing, the potions got more revolting!  The children then wrote up an instruction sheet, remembering to include what equipment would be needed alongside their ingredients.  Step by step instructions were written and you will see their creations in their end of year books. Enjoy! 


In Maths this week we have looked at multiplication and division.  We took it right back breaking the calculation down into steps. First using different materials to create groups to represent the number sentence.  Have a look at the pictures below! Once this was mastered the children went onto division beginning to understand that division is not commutative e.g. 3 x 5 - 5 x 3 but 15 divided by 3 can not be written as 3 divided by 15.   


In Topic the children have been researching facts about Grace Darling in readiness for Monday's Topic Day.  Please remember it is not compulsory to wear Victorian dress, only if your child wishes to. We look forward to seeing you all on Monday. 

Day One - Matilda's Floating Feat

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Matilda used her magical powers to move things. We created and used static electricity. The Children used balloons and their hair to create the static needed to move their lizards, feathers and hair!

Sycamore Day

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Day Two - Resilient Rover

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Day two and the children are off to the moon! Their brief was to build a moon buggy. Working in pairs the children decided what materials they wanted to use; what purpose their moon buggy would have on the moon and how many people would go inside their moon buggy.
Some very varied and fantastic designs were created, well done everybody.

Day Three.... Make it Fly

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Both classes had great fun creating helicopters, gliders and paper aeroplanes.
There were some amazing designs of aeroplanes created by the children and they thoroughly enjoying testing them out to see how far they could travel. We even took our gliders outside to see how they would cope in these blustery conditions.

Day four..... Science Oxford

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Today we met Sophie from Science Oxford. She talked to the children about the properties of different materials. We investigated whether they could survive being dropped from a height. The children then got to make SLIME! Lots of fun had by all.

Sneeze Zone

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How far can a sneeze travel? Today we investigated how far we could sneeze! We used a straw and discussed that this probably wasn't as powerful as a sneeze, but had the same effect. We also look at the difference of putting your hand over your mouth when you sneeze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Com-PEG-tition! 1
Com-PEG-tition! 2
Com-PEG-tition! 3

Story mapping the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

Mixed numbers!

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We used slices of bread cut up into quarters to create mixed numbers. Have a go at home, when you are making tea, this weekend to see if they can cut up their sandwiches, sausages etc into halves, quarters and thirds!

Science - Which material is the bendiest?

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We've had a fabulous afternoon conducting an experiment. We took four different types of material, built a bridge and placed some weights to see which material was the bendiest. Lots of fabulous discussion in both classes. We even investigated the difference if we moved our bridges further or closer apart. Did it matter which way the blocks were set? Lots of hypothesising was had!

We had lots of fun creating our very own Great Fire of London scene for our Classrooms.

We had lots of fun creating our very own Great Fire of London scene for our Classrooms. 1
We had lots of fun creating our very own Great Fire of London scene for our Classrooms. 2
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Remembrance Day Poppies

Remembrance Day Poppies 1
Remembrance Day Poppies 2
Remembrance Day Poppies 3
Remembrance Day Poppies 4

Forest Rangers Day 2018 


Monday 5th November 2018, Year 2 had our Forest Rangers Day with Chiltern Rangers.  Unlike last year the weather was glorious and not a snow flake to be seen!  The first class outside were Oak Class, who were split into groups to complete specific tasks set by the Chiltern Rangers.   They used a number of different equipment from rakes, shears and loppers and a lot of brute strength!  One group of children worked together to create fires which were later lit whilst the children had their lunch.  Sycamore class joined Oak for lunch around the campfires.  Once the fires had calmed down, the children were able to toast delicious yummy marshmallows.  Sycamore then took over the duties for the afternoon continuing raking up the cut grass, lopping and sorting the hazel branches.   A massive thank you to the parents who were able to come and lend a hand today.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did.  A massive thank you to Paul and all at Chiltern Rangers for an incredibly fun and exhausting day.  

Understanding place value using 10p and 1p to represent TENS and ONES

Looking for right angles and beginning to understand symmetry.

Creating our own Globes.

Yr 2 Timetable

Autumn 2 Twisted Tales