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Lesson Five

Good morning it's full fat fun filled Friday folks!  


It's Friday so that means ........ FRIDAY CHALLENGE!  If you would like to take our times table challenge please either print of one of the sheets below.  Remember this is a timed challenge so you will need someone to time you.  You have five minutes to complete the challenge.  We do the same one each week to build up speed in recalling our times tables.  As we are now in the Summer Term we would have switched to the mixed table challenge, so you can either brush up on your  2s and 5s or take the mixed challenge.  If you don't have a printer don't worry you can ask someone to read out the questions to you.  You can still time it or just practise answering the question.



Time tables challenges.

Today's focus in subtraction of 2-digit numbers.  We will again be using our tens and ones knowledge to complete this.  As always ensure you have the largest number first.


Task one: Mild Challenge

Create two 2-digit numbers using your cards ensuring your one is never bigger than 5.  Remember to put the biggest number first and subtract the smaller number.

Again we will partition our number to help us.

E.g.      45 - 23 =

    Tens    40 - 20 = 10

    Ones     5 -    3 =   2

Now we will add together the totals:     10 + 2 = 12


Task two: Hot Challenge

This time we are going to increase the value of our ones.  This will involve crossing the ten and can be a challenge for some.  so now create two 2-digit numbers with one having a "ones" value larger than 5. e.g. 24 - 19 =   So how we teach this is by using our Lego, pasta or drawing the number.  As our "one" value has increased you might need to make an "exchange" by swopping a ten for ten ones.  I have modelled how we do this in the pictures below. 



How to make an exchange of a "ten" for ten "ones".

Task three:  Spicy Challenge

Just like yesterday try using different units of measurement in a subtraction.  Use money or mm, cm or m.  Remember to show your workings out and to verbally explain how you have done it.

Nrich sweet challenge

Printable version of sweet challenge

Bob a Bird homework has been set on Abacus. Here is a printable homework sheet to do too!