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Lesson Two

Good morning to you all on another fabulously sunny day.  Today's lesson follows on from yesterday with you placing numbers on a number line. 


As a starter ask someone in the house to drop pasta or coins into a cup.  They must not show you how many, you need to listen to how many are dropped into the cup.  Then we want you to times it by 2, 5 and then 10.  So if you hear four pasta pieces being dropped into the cup, you will times 2, 5 and 10 by 4 .....4 x 2, 4 x 5, 4 x 10.   If you want to challenge yourself further times it by 3 or any other times table that you have learnt.


Task one:

Using the number line in the resources below or by drawing a line on a piece of paper, continue to investigate where a number will appear on the number line.  Create your two digit number from the number 0 - 9 or by rolling a dice.  Or ask a family member to give some 2-digit numbers.


Task Two:

Look at rounding numbers to their nearest multiple of ten.   Create a two digit number, and then place it on the number line.  Look carefully at the "ones" number.  Is it closer to 0 or closer to 9.  e.g.   If the number you have created is 42...... 2 is closer to 0 so you will round the number down to 40.  If the number you have created is 58.... 8 is closer to 9 so you will round it up to 60. 

REMEMBER:  If your number that you have created has a 5 in the ones column, e.g. 45, you will round the number up!  So 45 is rounded up to 50.  

TAKE THIS CHALLENGE OUTSIDE:    When you are out on your daily walk see if you can spot any numbers on your route.  Round the number up or down to the nearest multiple of 10.


If you didn't finish any of yesterday's tasks please continue today.  Ask someone to test you on your times tables and writing a number in words.