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Welcome Mathematicians to our Maths page.  On here we will be adding work each week for you to do at home.  We will start our Summer 1 syllabus after Easter so for now here are some Easter challenges for you.


Each week Abacus homework will be posted with some extra Nrich and problem solving tasks to do, which will be allocated to you on Abacus.  If you have any problems logging in please let us know.

Maths ideas for you this week:

  • Make a cake or loaf of bread.
    • Follow the recipe carefully using scales to measure accurately the ingredients needed. (Can you spot those bossy verbs in the recipe?)
  • Find lots of bottles.  Look at the volume on the bottle. The measurement used is ml (millilitres).  Can you order them smallest to largest?
  • Measure out 70 ml into all the different shaped bottles.  What does it look like?  Does it look the same?  Why not?
  • Find three things that weigh less than or more than 100g.
  • Measure 6 things in your bedroom.  Which unit of measurement will you use e.g. mm, cm or m?
  • Collect 10 leaves on your next walk (or from your garden) and measure them.

Don't forget to take photos of your work and send them in.

Maths scavenger hunt

I've tried to download these as PDF's but the site will not let me.  If you follow the links below you will be able to access these free Easter Math tasks.