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Oh dear, these stories have got lots of mistakes. Can you read them through and edit them. You could use a pink and green pen like we do in school!

Mission from Mrs Nichol!


I hope you are all enjoying the activities that have been set so far. I have an ongoing mission for you all to complete whilst you are at home. Create a journal/diary that you update daily with the following things:

  • A happy memory from the day
  • What you have done that day
  • A message for a friend/teacher to read when we return to school
  • Anything else you wish to include!


Don't forget the following:

  • Capital letters at the start of your sentences and for names and places
  • Finger spaces between words
  • Use your phonics (robot talk/robot arms) to sound out your words carefully
  • Full stop at the end of your sentence
  • Read it through to check it makes sense (edit it if needed)


I cannot wait to read these journals when we return to school! You will be awarded a special journal writing certificate when you bring them in!



Have a look through your books at home and complete this challenge.