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Today we will be looking at the parable of the talents. Remember a parable is a story from the Bible that has a special meaning for Christian people. 


Read the story below. 


The talent in this parable is money but today our talents are the gifts that all of us have to be able to help each other.


What is your talent? Have a think and discuss with a member of your family or your favourite teddy.  How does your talent help or bring joy to others? 


For example, you may be talented at football and that brings your uncle joy as he enjoys watching you play in matches at the weekend. 


Your mission is to write in sentences what your talent is and how it helps or brings joy to others. Finish off your work by drawng a picture to go with your sentences. 


Extension - Can you spot a talent in someone else and tell us about it? For example, Mrs Reid Jones is a very talented artist and I really enjoy looking at the fantastic pictures that she paints. 


Have fun!