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Greater Depth Learning

At both Prestwood Infant and Junior School we recognise that children have talents in specific areas of the curriculum. We are working hard to develop a programme of events for these children to give them the opportunities to showcase their talents. Our first event is called "The Great Prestwood Bake Off".


Amazing Artists

Some of our more able artists took part in Waddesdon Manor Christmas Art competition. Their amazing artwork was displayed at the Manor. A big congratulations to all of those who took part!

Mix 96 Madness!

Our more able speakers took part in an incredible workshop with Mix 96. They were asked several questions and had to answer as honestly as possible! This has been recorded and will be going live on Monday 14th October at 7:50am. There will be another recording in December so keep your eyes peeled for more information on this. Take a look at the pictures below to see the children in action...

Our Bake Off reporters getting ready to film!

The Great Prestwood Bake Off

The Bake Off has begun!


This week the preparation for "The Great Prestwood Bake Off" has finally begun! This has been taking place at both the Infant and the Junior school. Please see below for an update on the progress:


Planning and Accounts Group:

  • Some of our more able mathematicians undertook an extensive research project to find the most cost effective recipe for baking cakes.
  • They then went on to compare the prices of different ingredients in all the main supermarkets.
  • They have calculated how much it will cost to make 1 cake and how much we need to charge to make a profit.


Advertising Group:

  • Some of our more able writers have been working their socks off to make posters advertising the sale at the end of our event.
  • They have been looking at how we can use different techniques to persuade people to come along.
  • Keep your eyes peeled around the school sites as these posters will be put up very soon!


There are still many more workshops to take place before the big day! The sale of our produce will be on Monday 8th July from 3pm at the Infant School. We will remain open for long enough to ensure that parents/carers and children from the Junior School can come along and buy some of our tasty treats!

The Great Prestwood Bake Off

This is a project in which a selection of children across both schools will be part of. Each child is given one of the following roles:

  • Advertiser
  • Planning and accounts manager
  • Negotiator
  • Chef
  • Cake designer and decorator
  • Seller
  • Bank Manager
  • Report Writer


Their mission is to plan and carry out a cake sale that will result in a profit. Keep an eye on this space for more information