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Expert of the Week

Welcome to Expert of the Week. Every Friday, each class has an expert who takes over the class! They have the opportunity to become the teacher and teach the class about something that really interests them. We have had some incredible experts, from palaeontologists to expert mine crafters! Take a look at some of our experts in action...

Connor was our Expert of the Week 7.7.23

Connor loves football and so he loved telling us all about Tottenham Hotspurs and his tour of the stadium. What amazing photos and we really enjoyed listening to the talk. 

Harriet is Expert of the Week 30.06.23

Harriet was an expert on butterflies this week. She showed us some photos of butterflies drinking nectar. She had gone to Blenheim Palace to see the butterfly trail. We enjoyed listening to Harriet and she used lots of topic words. Well done Harriet.




28.6.23 - Nathaniel was an expert on the Ice Age

Great work Nathaniel!  We really enjoyed all of your interesting facts - particularly about animals that we might find in the Ice Age.  You answered everyone's questions accurately and in detail.

28.6.23 - Lanezra was an expert on her dog

Well done Lanezra!  We really enjoyed finding out all about your dog and how you look after her.

22.6.23 - India was an expert on the RAF!

India told us all about the RAF and even brought in a bear in RAF uniform.  She had done lots of research on the RAF and told us all about members of her family who had served in the RAF and showed us some of the medals that they had won.  Well done India for a really interesting talk!

22.6.23 - Henry was an expert on cars!

Henry told us all about the different kinds of car he has seen - the children had lots of questions and were keen to find out what Henry's favourite car was and how he became so interested in cars.   Well done Henry!

Max was the Expert on his favourite book - Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. He brought in a copy to show us. 

7.6.23 - Harry was an expert on cricket

Harry gave us a brilliant demonstration of how to bat and bowl - with some willing volunteers!  He gave us a very detailed speech about the game and also about some famous cricketers.  Well done Harry!

24.5.23 - Nikol was an expert on sharks!

Nikol had done a lot of research into sharks and wowed us with some facts - do you know how fast a Great White shark can swim?  She drew some pictures of her favourite sharks and showed us photos of her visit to the aquarium.  Fantastic Nikol!

19.5.23 - Effy is an expert on Paw Patrol. 

Effy is an expert on Paw Patrol. Effy was able to name all of the Paw Patrol characters and she was even able to remember all of the different jobs they do! 

17.5.23 - Morgan was an expert on football and Arsenal!

Morgan had lots of facts for us about Arsenal football club and his favourite players.  He explained how he had won the trophies and the medal that he brought in to show us and was very knowledgeable when answering our questions.  Well done Morgan!

12.2.2023 - Evie is an expert on Matilda.


Evie gave a very detailed review of her favourite movie - Matilda! At the end, Evie sang us a song from Matilda and answered some questions. Evie hopes that one day she will star in the Matilda musical and all of the reception children think that she would make the perfect Matilda! Well done Evie! 

10.5.23 - Millie told us all about penguins!

Millie had spent a lot of time researching penguins and even making her own book.  Well done Millie!

3.5.23 - Ollie told us all about dinosaurs

Ollie brought in some of his favourite dinosaurs to share with us and told us lots of interesting facts about each one.  Well done Ollie!

Logan is an expert on Pokemon.

Logan talked about Pokemon and brought some of the characters to show everyone. He knew so much about it, he is definitely an expert! 

Lacey is an expert on shells.

Lacey showed the reception children her shell collection this week, many of which she had collected herself. She enjoyed talking about her shells and answered a few questions afterwards. 

19.4.23 - Josh explained how we could become a Youtube star

Josh explained how we could all become Youtube stars - he explained what we might need to include to be successful and what sort of things people might be interested in.

29.3.23 - Imogen did a demonstration at the seaside

Imogen came prepared with a practical demonstration of the sea and beach.  She explained what happened to rocks and how sand was formed and showed us some shells that she had collected.

22.3.23 - Rory told us all about his dad's career in the military

Rory did a fantastic job and showed us lots of interesting objects from his dad's job.  We were very impressed and loved seeing Rory in his dad's beret.

15.3.23 - Sophie told us all about rocks, gemstones and crystals.

Sophie brought in some stunning crystals and gemstones from her collection and knew the names of all of them and lots of fascinating facts.  We loved having a close look at them all as she passed them around!

8.3.23 - Archie told us all about fossils

Archie started off his talk by asking us all a question!  He then went on to explain how fossils are formed (including a demonstration involving a judo hold to show how sediment is squashed) and a detailed description of the fossils he has in his collection.  Well done Archie!

Amelia shows us her tap dancing. 03.03.23

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Amelia goes to Tap dancing lessons and brought in her equipment bag and showed us a little of her tap dancing. She also answered some questions. Well done and keep it up!

Hugo makes Lego models

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Hugo talked about his models which he made following instructions from his book.

Lego Talk by Samuel

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Samuel explains how he makes things with Lego.

Harry's Expert of the week on Penguins!

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Thea was an expert on pets. She shared with us how she cares for her pets at home. 
Sam was an expert on his favourite movie Zombies 2. He shared his favourite characters with us and we watched a clip of his favourite song. 
Rudy was a Football expert! He told us lots of information about his favourite team Liverpool FC. 
Phoebe's Expert of the Week was about how to look after dogs. She showed us how to clean their teeth and told us what they like to eat. 
Nicholas was an expert on caring for cats. He told us how to look after them and shared pictures of his own cats at home. 
Miley's Expert of the Week was about the interesting places that she has visited. 
James told us lots of interesting facts and information about the Solar System and weather. 
Harry's Expert of the Week was about cars. It even included a quiz where we had to guess the make of the car! 
Faith gave a fantastic presentation on the history of the Disney Princesses. 
Edward told us all about his amazing holiday to South Africa. 
Anya did her Expert of the Week on growing vegetables and plants. 

Freddie is a dinosaur expert

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Jacob talked about Dinosaurs

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What an amazing expert on dinosaurs! We learned so much about dinosaurs from Jacob and he explained everything so well.

Connor did his Expert of the Week on Lizards!

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Ellis is an expert on tractors and big vehicles

Elsie's Dancing

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Elsie talked to Apple Class about her dancing classes and her trophies.

Lily in Maple class was an expert in Disney Princess's. Lily was great at knowing a fact on all of them. The Children asked lots of questions. Well done Lily!

Yann Winchester

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Yann gave a wonderful presentation all about the Periodic Table.

Anna - Barbies.MOV

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Sophie's expertise on Dairy Farming

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Ouzna's Expertise on toy dogs

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Susu's Ukulele

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Scarlett talks about her family's day out in London

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Scarlett tells Apple Class about her wonderful day out in London and shows photos and souvenirs of the day.

Henry Callow from Oak Class gave a wonderful talk about his dinosaurs.

Alice Rose talks about Dancing

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Frankie talks about Diggers

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Bodie's Superzingers!

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Alex's Expert of the Week

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Alex collects Henry Hoovers and he was very knowledgeable about them.

Neve's Expert of The Week

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Neve taught us all about horses and ponies!

Emily S Expert of the Week

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It's all about horses, real ones and the My Little Pony toys.

Isabella is an expert on South Africa

Ruby's Expert Of The Week on Sea Animals

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Ollie Ashfield Smith - Car expert

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Annabelle Williamson - Baking Expert

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Imogen's Expert Of The Week on Space!

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Shells - Isaac Eaves

Isaac brought in his shell collection and shared his expertise with the class. We found it very interesting. 

Shells by Isaac

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Expert Of The Week on Fossils!

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Liverpool Football Club Expert

Lily gave a superb talk about Frogs. Well done Lily.

Kelsey gave a very informative talk about the Great Fire of London.

Our fossil expert taught us all about fossils. Take a look below...

More from our fossils expert!

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Growing by Connie

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Connie grows things and she is sharing her gardening expertise!

Ben Lovegrove talks about Stones

Ben talked about his love of stones. He showed his his stones that he had collected and he had been to the library to find a book about stones are formed. Well done Ben!

Kickboxing by Elliott Lipinski

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