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To warm your brains up this morning, have a go at joining in with the counting in 5's song:

The Counting by Fives Song | Counting Songs | Scratch Garden

Count by fives from zero to one hundred!

Time to play the shape guessing game!

Find a grown up or a sibling to play with. Choose a 3D shape and describe the shape to your partner e.g. "It has 2 faces. It has one curved edge and one vertex". Your partner must guess what shape you are describing. The first person to guess 5 correctly wins! Make sure you use the following words:

  • Faces
  • Vertex/Vertices
  • Edges

If you have forgotten what these mean, have a look at the picture from yesterdays lesson on the website.


If you don't have anyone at home to play the game with, try guessing my ones:

Main mission:


Have a go at these two pages from your Abacus workbook. The first one is just to get your brain working. The main one to focus on is the second one. Try and find objects around your home that are these shapes as it is much easier to count the number of faces, vertices and edges if you are actually holding the shape in your hand.

Fiery Mission:

Check your understanding of 3D shapes by completing the booklet below. Beware, some 2D shapes do sneak in so don't let them confuse you!