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Week 6


There's an alien waiting in the sky, he'd like to come and meet us but he prefers to wait for our pants! Please excuse the doctored lyrics to fit in with our story this week which is Aliens Love Underpants. It is out final week exploring the out of this world space topic. We have really enjoyed it and we hope that you have too. Our Space Wow day went well and we had a happy bunch of astronauts, aliens, planets and solar systems which was just COSMIC! We wind down this week and finish off with the above book and review what we have learned.  Please do take the opportunity to ask the children what they have been learning as this is a great way of communicating and modelling language with your tinies.




Phonics: We have a go at reading longer words and compound words using the chunking strategy and attempt to write our own words by segmenting the word and writing each sound. 


Literacy: We are reading a fiction book this week then creating a story map and learning all about adjectives. 


Maths: A review of all the things we have covered over this half term including ways to make numbers to 5, looking at weighing and exploring capacity. 


Topic: On Tuesday 7th February 2023 it is Safer Internet Day - the theme this year is Want to Talk about it? Making space for conversations about being online. We will look at what activities we do online and how to find help if something makes you feel uncomfortable or sad. Please do have a look at the Safeguarding page on our school website to find some links to keeping children safe online. There is also a dedicated page for Safer Internet Day where you can find useful information as well as activities to do at home - there are also photos of the activities carried out by the children in the school. Have a look to see if there is anyone you know on there...


What have we been doing this week?

Orson's expertise was all about animals