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Week 5

This week we are reading ....

The book of the week is a new addition to our literacy lessons and is a beautiful rhyming story about a bear who loves to read and how using her knowledge from her book, she helps other animals she meets.  

Literacy: We will be creating a story map, retelling the story using the time words: first, then and next as well as innovating the story by adding a new animal and looking at the difference between fiction and non-fiction text. 


Maths: This week we will be exploring number stories, using first, then  and next as well as using position words and making maps of familiar routes. 


Phonics: Reading longer words containing two or more digraphs and trigraphs. We will be having reading practice sessions on Tuesdays and Fridays to support phonic skills.


Topic: We will be looking at Easter and Spring. What are the signs of spring that you can see when you are out and about? 

This week we have been learning.....