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Week 4

Our book has been a great source of learning and this will be our final week of using it. This week we will focus on the celebration of weddings which we will teach through activities in provision. 



English: We will be changing the text map we made to create a new story. This helps us to think of our own story using a story that we already know. 


Phonics: This week we learn more digraphs - 'sh' 'th' 'ng' 'nk' and the tricky words she/he/of. If you practice learning the Tricky words by sight, it will help your child to read their books more fluently as they will not attempt to break down the tricky word (which they cannot do as these are tricky words for a reason). 


Maths: We are looking at four sided shapes. What are their name and how do you know it is a square of a rectangle?  Can you spot them around your house and when you are out and about? Can you make them using other shapes? We will also be looking at our day and also the night. The things that we do and the related vocabulary. 

Please look the Info for Parents/Carers page for updates and notices.