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Week 4

More about Minibeasts

We have learned a lot of things already about insects and read some stories too. We are watching the caterpillars closely and excited about the changes that have happened so far. We can't wait to see what happens next even though we know. We hope that you have been minibeasts hunting too and talking about the different types of insects around us and how some help us and what they do. We are hoping to plant some sunflower seeds this week so that we can plant them in our new raised bed once Mr. David and Mr. Martin have set it up. We would also like to put some herbs in there and perhaps some other things too. 


Phonics: We are working through Phase 4, reading longer words and compound words e.g. lunchbox and our new tricky words are: there  when  what  one.

If your child is finding phonics challenging, please do come and speak to the teachers who can help you with some suggestions. The Little Wandle website for parents is also useful. 


Literacy: This week we look at finding out facts about different minibeasts and creating fact files for them. Perhaps you can create a fact file at home about your favourite insects. 


Maths: Odds and evens are our focus this week with some subtraction too. We have been working on number bonds to 5 so if you would like to practise these at home please do at this game on Topmarks.(click on the link).


Topic: Another Bank holiday so we will be looking at Challenging ourselves in provision by using our Challenge Passports to choose activities we would not normally choose and having a go. This is an important ability and even though we like to do things we are familiar with - it is also good to try new things and find that we enjoy them. If we don't - then, at least we had a go. 


Some of our learning from this week.

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