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Week 4


Having learned about Diwali, Bonfire night and Birthdays, we are celebrating Weddings this week. On Friday we shall have our very own Reception wedding. Wedding themed books will be in the Book nook and Book den. Our Role play area will be a wedding reception space and we will be carrying out various wedding themed activities in our provision. If you would like to send in any family wedding photos to share with the children, please do send them in. We would love to see them and display them in our home corner. 


Phonics: The sounds we are learning this week are z, qu, ch and adding -s to make plurals 


Literacy: We are looking at wedding photos of familiar people and discovering what happens at a wedding as well as role playing some of the wedding events. We are looking at beautiful wedding cakes and following instructions to make our own cakes and also reading wedding poems and writing one as a class.  


Maths: Exploring numbers 4, 5, 6 and carrying on with practising subitising to 5.


Topic: We are learning what happens to our rubbish and looking at ways we can help reduce, reuse and recycle.




  • Please do remember to check the Tapestry app for the activities that are going on this week. 

  • If you would like to send in some copies of family wedding photos, we would love to share them with the reception children and display them in our Home corner. 

  • We have noticed that the children's book bags are very full and we are struggling to get them into their trays. We are hoping that you can help us by only having one small keyring on the bag and ensuring the book bag only contains essentials for the day e.g. Reading record and book. Any extra clothes and supplies can be kept in a separate small bag on their peg in the cloakroom.  

  • Can we also please gently remind you that any small items from home should stay at home in case they are lost at school and not returned.

  • If you have any junk modelling we could use, we would love to take it off your hands. Any clean, empty boxes and cartons that are allergen free would be great. Thank you.  



Reception Wedding

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Thank you so much for sending in wedding photos of family and friends. We have displayed them in our role play area for wedding week and the children have enjoyed seeing them as well as using our new wedding vocabulary. We appreciate your support and although we explore weddings in our celebration topic, love is the most important concept and that there are many types of loving families and relationships.