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Week 2

Communication Week 

Reading for Pleasure and World Book Day



It is a special week indeed this week. We are joining in with Bucks CC in its campaign to promote the importance of speech, language and communication development of children in their youngest years. If you click on the above title - it should take you to the Bucks CC page explaining the ethos behind the campaign. Clicking on the link will also give you information on how to join in with events held in the wider community in libraries and community hubs in your area. At school we will be devoting time to develop language and communication skills through various activities such as Helicopter stories, learning poems to perform, creating puppet shows and of course our established Expert of the Week and Secret Reader. 

We are also very lucky to have the author Kev Payne in on Wednesday to talk about his work and lead a workshop for us. We are very excited about that. On Thursday, it is World Book Day and we look forward to seeing the children's book based costumes and talking about their favourite books. It is going to be a full and fantastic week.


Phonics: We will put phonics and reading practice on hold this week as we will be using this time to carry out our Sponsored Tricky Word challenges. We are very excited to see who will be able to the Tricky Words on sight. If you are finding this challenging, it might help to make it into a game so that learning is through play. 


Literacy: We are hoping to learn a few poems over the week to perform. If we manage this then we will video these and upload them onto Tapestry and this webpage so that you can enjoy them too. 


Maths: We will be exploring ways to combine two amounts. We have touched on this before and we will delve into it further through the week. 


Topic: Famous Bears - Paddington, Winnie the Pooh, Rupert are famous bears that we know and love - we will explore their humble beginnings in the past to the present. 

Communication Week (#chatplayreadbucks)

The week also included Reading for Pleasure day; we were very fortunate to be be visited by author Kev Payne. He did a fantastic assembly for the entire school and then carried out workshops with all the year groups. He did lots of actions poems with us and we all created our own poem about circles under his guidance. He also taught us to how to draw animals using circles. Later we created our own poem using a different shape. On Thursday, it was World Book Day and we had a lots of fun making bookmarks, retelling stories and talking about our favourite books and of course, dressing up!

Secret Reader 

Apple class loved having Max's dad come and read Room on the Broom and Cherry Class enjoyed a book read by Thomas' grandmother. 

We are happy to say that we have completed the Tricky Word Challenges this week so please do check the book bags for the results. Any money collected can be transferred to the school account as per details on the letter by Friday 10th March 2023. Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to adding the funds to our next school trip to College Lake. 

Expert of the Week 

This week Amelia C talks about the different styles of dancing that she does.

Click title to take you to Expert of the Week page to see the video