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This week we would like you to draw a map with a key.


For hundreds of years maps have helped people travel from one place to another.


Maps are drawings of actual landscapes and places that use lines and symbols to represent real-life objects like roads, fields and buildings.


There are many different types of maps, from simple sketch maps that you can draw yourself, to road maps, to the very detailed Ordnance Survey (OS) maps of Great Britain.


Have a look at the map below that shows you some of the key features we see on a map.

Your task this week is to draw a map with the key features mentioned above. The map can be of the area where you live or somewhere else that you have been or would like to go to. Maybe it could be of a place that you have researched on Google Earth last week. The choice is yours.


See the example below for inspiration.

Use this checklist to make sure that you have included all the features.

Printable copy of the checklist

Please send us any examples of work that you do we would love to see them! 

Theo's map work

Kiran's fantastic map!

James drew a map of Angling Spring Wood and included Pokestops!

Benji's fantastic map!