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We hope you have all had a great half term!


This half term we are looking at mapping.

For our first week, we are thinking about the view from above which is called the aerial view or birds eye view.


Look at the PowerPoint below – it has some super aerial views!

Task One

Complete the up above or from the ground activity sheet. Can you match the up above with the from the ground image?

Task Two

Look at the aerial view of this bedroom. It is the view from above. Can you draw the aerial view of your bedroom? Imagine that you are a bird looking down on your room from above so think carefully about drawing the 'top' of items in your room. Remember to include your windows and doors on your aerial view. 

Task Three

Go on to the Google Earth website.

Type in your postcode and look at your home from above. Have a look at other places of interest from above – you can choose anywhere in the world! Have fun!

Tom created an aerial view map of his bedroom!

James drew a map of his bedroom!

The aerial view of Kiran's bedroom!