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In our final week of this half term, we are going to be looking at the weather.


The weather affects our daily lives; it influences the clothes that we wear, the activities that we do and even the food we eat.

To find out about the different types of weather look at the PowerPoint below.


Weather PowerPoint

To explore the weather even further take a look at the information on the website below.

Task One

We sometimes use symbols to represent the weather. Have you seen symbols used on a TV weather report or in a weather app?

What do you think each symbol represents?

Fill in the missing names on the weather symbols sheet below.


Weather Symbols Sheet

Task Two

We would like you to record the weather where you live for a week. Record it in the chart below by drawing the symbols or writing what the weather is like in the morning and afternoon each day.

Weather Recording Sheet

Task Three

Watch the video below on making weather recordings.

If you are feeling creative make a rain gauge using the instructions below.

Add your results daily or weekly on the weather recording sheet.

How to make a rain gauge instructions.

As always please send us in any work you have completed. We would love to see it!

Children in Sycamore class may remember when James did his Expert of the Week all about the Weather. James has very kindly sent in his PowerPoint for you to have a look at. It has lots of super information on it and a fun quiz at the end. Enjoy! 

Benji's weather work!

Benji made a fantastic weather chart - well done!