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Well done on all your super work so far children!


This week we are going to look at two children who live on opposite sides of the world.


In the video below Talia tells us what it is like to live in Mossley, Manchester in the North of England. In contrast, Khynaan explains what it is like to live in Townsville, Australia. 

Task One

Watch the video then write down the similarities and differences between the two places.


You can use the sheet below or draw a line down the middle of a sheet of paper and write similarities, meaning things that are the same, and differences, meaning things that are different, about them on each side.


Think about – What type of weather do they have?

Are the seasons the same?

What can each child see when they look out their bedroom windows?

Are the activities they do in their spare time indoors or outdoors? Why?

Comparing UK and Australia worksheet

Task Two 

Write a sentence or discuss with a family member - If you had to choose either Manchester or Australia to live which one would you choose and why?