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Support for pupils with SEN

Learning from home is particularly tricky for children with additional needs. Children will require extra help that may not be available due to the rest of the families work schedule and routines. Also children may be more anxious at these times and therefore, not in the right frame of mind to learn.  Please remember that every small task achieved in a day is a success. Celebrate every small success with your child to boost their confidence and self esteem. If children just need to relax then let them, this is important for their mental health. 


Below are some activities you may find useful to attempt with your child. They are not relevant for all children, have an explore and pick out the activities that will benefit your child. 


Also remember that enjoying books together is one of the most important learning experiences so just reading every day will have great benefits. 


The County SEND team have also been busy preparing resources to support families at home with their children; these can be found on the link below.


Good luck and enjoy quality time with your lovely children!


Miss Bounds