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Using our Awesome Authors topic this half term, we are going to be looking at the book  “Willy the Wimp”, by Anthony Browne.  Willy is a kind and gentle gorilla but he is bullied by the suburban gorilla gang who call him "Willy the Wimp".  Desperate to do something about his situation, Willy answers a bodybuilding advert and grows big and strong, determined that no one will every call him "Wimp" again. 


We shall be using this book as stimulus to look at:

  • Healthy Eating
  • What we need to do to stay Healthy? (exercise)
  • Hygiene
  • Life cycle of humans


Task One:   Watch the video of the story below, or if you have a copy of the book read it.  Discuss or write about how the story made you feel:


  • Did you recognise yourself in the character of Willy the Wimp? 
  • Do you feel that you want to be good at football, swimming, writing? 
  • How did Willy end up in the story? 
  • What did he do to get there? (Train, practise)



This week we are going to look at Healthy Eating.  


What does healthy eating mean?  Can you eat chocolate, cake, and ice-cream? Well yes you can, but in moderation. That means a little bit is ok.  To just eat chocolate all the time is not good.   Have a look at the food pyramid below.  Look at where the food you enjoy to eat comes on the pyramid. 


Task two:  Think about what you ate yesterday, write them down as a list. 


For example this was what I ate yesterday: 


Breakfast:   Fried egg on toast, coffee

snack:          Chocolate biscuit, coffee

Lunch:          Bacon sandwich, glass of water

Tea:             spaghetti bolognese,  glass of juice 

snack:          Chocolate Raisins, herbal tea


Not terribly healthy was it!


Once you've looked at what you ate.  What changes could you make? 


Task Three:  

Draw up a menu for the day.  What healthy things could you eat? 







Benji has been thinking about healthy eating.

Emilia's fabulous healthy menu.

James has been thinking about how to be healthy.

Kiran's healthy cafe menu!

Paddy took part in a Healthy Eating Quiz.

Paddy has kindly shared his healthy eating quiz for you all to have a go at.