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 This week we’d like you to carry out a worm survey in either your garden or in a woodland and then we would like you could carry out some research into worms.


Your first task is to watch the first video clip below.  Then go out into your garden, woodland or park area using the chart below to help you identify any worms you might find.


For your research project we would like you to think about these questions:


Which worms can be found in which habitat?

What do worms like to eat?

Where is the best place to find worms?

How do worms help us?

Why do we see more worms out after it rains?


Create a fact file about worms.  Include pictures, photos of you with worms!  Draw and label a worm.

Use this chart to help identify your worms. There is a printable copy attached.

Benji's super science investigations!

Sienna and her sister Livvy had great fun creating a wormery.

Jonty's wonderful front cover to his worm fact file. I can't wait to see it.