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Over the year we have looked at the life cycle of a butterfly and a lion.  This week we are going to look at our own life cycles.

The Life Cycle of a Human.


To get us started can you recall any facts about the life cycle of a butterfly and lion.  How are they different or the same? Talk through with someone your thoughts.


Do you think that our life cycle is the same as a butterfly or a lion?  Again talk through your thoughts with someone.


Next we would like you to, with the help of an adult, go through the power point as it is very wordy.

Now that you have gone through the power point have a go at the activities below.  There is a Growing and Changing activity booklet and an enquiry task.


If you are unable to print off these resources then why not create your own enquiry sheet.  You can also draw your own life cycle of a human and label it with facts that you have learnt.  Find some pictures of yourself and your family as different stages in life.  Use them to make a "life cycle so far!"   Compare yourself and a family member at the same age.  Do you look different?  Sometimes we can look very much like other members of our families, sometimes we are very different. 


Don't forget to send in any work you do.

Emilia had great fun creating her life cycle so far. Then using pictures of her family to complete the cycle. Great work Emilia.