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Today’s focus is all about exercise.  In our story Willy decided to help himself feel happier  and more confident about himself, by working out in a gym. 


What  does exercise means to the you?    

What is the correct amount of exercise? 

Can it become obsessive? 


How are you feeling right now?  Happy, sad, worried, excited, tired, hungry etc.   At the moment, as I write this I am very tired and a little bit hungry. 


We should all be walking each day, long enough to get our heart beating quickly.  Can you find your pulse?  It located in your neck and on your wrist.  Ask an adult to show you how to find it.  Can you feel it beating?  Now run on the spot for a minute. Feel your pulse again.  Does it feel different?  Is it quicker? 


Now I was saying how tired I was feeling, and my pulse is slow and steady.  I'm going to go for a walk now and see how I feel when I get back.  How do you think I will feel?  


Think about how you are feeling right now.  Are you tired? Bored?   Now go and do some exercise.  It could be a walk around the block. Running around the garden.  Or just jumping on the spot and doing some of Mr Roberts exercises.   

  • How do you feel now? 
  • Do you feel differently? 
  • Can you explain why?


What happens to us when we exercise?  We sweat and sometimes we will smell!   How can we solve this?  We would have a bath or a shower.  We would also change out of our dirty sweaty clothes. Have a bath or a shower and put on clean clothes .  But have you thought about why we sweat?

So your challenge this week is to use your garden or a park just like a running track.  You're going to walk or run around as many times as you can in 15 minutes. 


  1. How do you feel before your start? 
  2. How many laps did you do in 15 minutes? 
  3. Now how do you feel now you have finished.


You can use the pictures below to record your feelings and results or you can get creative and make your own table to record your findings. At the end of the week.  Look back and see if exercising has helped you feel happier.  Did you sleep better?  Did you feel hungrier?


Don't forget to send in your work, we'd love to see it.

James made a super exercise chart!