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In this half term the children are going to be looking at various religious festivals. Each week there is a short video to accompany each lesson and at the end we would like to know if the children can have a think about, and answer the following questions: 


1)Can you name the festival which is being celebrated?

2)Who is celebrating the festival, can you name the religion?

3)How do they celebrate?

4)Do they visit a special place ( Church, Temple), can you name the special place?

5)Do they have anything special to eat or drink?

6) Would you like to be part of this festival? If so why?

7) How does celebrating this festival make people of this religion feel like they belong to a community? 


The children can write their answers or chat about it with a grown up and if they wanted to film their conversation that would be fantastic.


The celebration we would like you to learn about is Wesak, the link to the video is below.