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Rainbow Room


Welcome to our Rainbow room. Miss Jayde, Mrs Sheryl, Mrs Violet, Mrs Tracy and Mrs Sharon have been having lots of fun with the children and getting very messy! Our theme this term is 'All about me'. We hope you enjoy looking through the photo's :)'

Last week before October Half term! This week we have been really busy! We have been looking at order of sizes, following dots to create shapes, colours, spider crafts, pumpkin scooping and firework making pictures! We have been encouraging the children to do their own coats and zips (Obviously we help when needed!) but they have actually all done really well and give it a go! We are super proud.

Week commencing 12th October. This week we looked at grouping, size and pencil control!

Story time
Who has the bigger foot!?
Comparing sizes of feet
Big tower!
Looking very impressed!
Practicing our pencil control and grip

Week commencing 5th of October :)

Messy Farm play
Meeting Nigel the Hamster
Happy Birthday!
Nigel having a spin
Bit wet today!
Singing time!
Exercise fun
Guess what is in the bag?
What can you feel?
No peeking!
Sensory toys
Ball pool fun!
Happy Birthday!
Matching the animals
Finding the numbers
Matching numbers
Pencil control
Making sand cakes
Where has the ball gone?
Ice cream anyone?
Messy play
Finding the letters
Best buddies!
Dress up fun!
All about me
Finding our features
How beautiful!
Bundle Miss Jayde
Role playing doctors with Ketchup
Fishing for the coloured fish
Finding the shapes
Water wall fun
Painted toes!
Counting the guitars