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Today we are going to be thinking about the months of the year. The month we are in at the moment is January, how do you know it's January? It is very cold and the days are short and we have just started a new year (2021). January is a Winter month. 


Lots of grown-ups keep track of which month it is by having a calendar, on their phone or hanging up in their house. Ask your grown up if they have one that you can look at and read the months of the year together. 


Can you think of any months that are special to you? Perhaps you know which month your birthday is in, or you might be thinking about a month that has a special day that you celebrate in it. For example, December has Christmas in it. 


The pictures below might give you some ideas: 


Independent task: What is your favourite month and why? Write down the month and draw pictures around it showing what that month is like and why it is your favourite. You might like to think about any special days it has, what the weather is like, what clothes you might be wearing and what might be happening in nature. 


Extra Challenge: You could do this for each month and turn it into your own calendar!