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In Maths today we are going to be learning about the days of the week! Do you know what day it is today? Can you remember any of the other days of the week? 


Here is a song to help us remember the days of the week, perhaps you would like to sing it and learn it with your grown up? 

Greg & Steve-Days of The Week - Bing video 


I know we cannot do lots of the activities we normally would because we are staying safe at home, but usually we do different things on different days. For example, we have PE on a Thursday, we have Science on a Monday and on Saturday and Sunday we don't go to school. You might have activities you do on different days after school or at the weekend. 


Independent task: Cut and stick, or write, the days of the week in order and draw a picture of something you do on that day. 

Extra challenge: Each day this week write the date on any home learning you do e.g. Thursday 28th January, tell your grown up what the day of the week will be tomorrow.