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We hope you enjoyed your building yesterday smiley


Hopefully you noticed that some 3D shapes have faces that are flat, some have faces that are curved, and some have a mixture of both. Look at your shapes, can you find one that has only got flat faces? Can you find one with only curved faces? can you find one with both? 


Today we are going to sort out the shapes into groups depending on the kinds of faces they have. For this we are going to use a venn diagram which we have used in school for lots of different sorting activities. Have a look at the one below: 


You might like to draw this or if you have some hoops at home you could do this using those. You might notice that shapes that have flat faces will slide if you push them down a ramp, and shapes with curved faces will roll, you could use this to help you sort them out if you are finding it tricky. 


Independent task: Sort out your 3D shapes into those that have flat faces, those that have curved faces and those that have both. We would love to see some photos! 

Extra Challenge: Add labels to the shapes showing that you have remembered their names.