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Do you remember that yesterday we were learning the names of 3D shapes? Hopefully you have got an object with you for each 3D shape, can you name it? 


The best way to learn about 3D shapes to to explore and build with them! It's up to you how you do this, you might have some construction toys at home that you could use to build something like a castle, or you might want to use some recycling to do some junk modelling... It's up to you what you build but we would like to see some pictures! 


When you are building think and talk about the shapes you are using and why. For example, you might need to build a tower out of cubes, cuboids and cylinders because they have flat surfaces so that you can stack them. You might find that shapes which have curved surfaces are harder to attach. All the decisions you make when you are building will help you understand the shapes and what they are like, something we are going to be thinking about more tomorrow. 


Happy building!