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Lesson One

Hello mathematicians!  I hope you all had a wonderful rest over the half term and ate lots of cake or flapjacks!!


This week we will be recapping our number knowledge and how we can use this to solve problems.


STARTER:   Count forwards and backwards in 1s, 10s and 3s for a challenge.  Ask someone to pick a number for you to start at.

For instance start: 1, 2, 3, 4 etc or 3, 4, 5  Then 0, 10, 20 or 33, 43, 53 etc.  Challenge 0, 3, 6, 9 or 1, 4, 7, 10, etc


Today we will look at SUBTRACTION. 


Task One:   How many different ways can you write subtraction?  What other words is subtraction known by?


Task Two:  We are going to use our Tens and Ones knowledge to help subtract.  We have used drawings and lego/pasta to help us in the past.  So using your number cards or a dice make two 2digit numbers.


45 - 32 = 

  • Draw the first number only
  • Then cross out the tens and ones from the second number
  • See picture below.

Lets recap an exchange!  We need to do this is our ones number in the second number is bigger than the first number......


e.g.    45 - 39 =

  1. Again draw out first number.
  2. make an exchange.... cross out a ten and draw ten ones
  3. now cross out 39 and count what you have left to get your answer.
Ok off you go, create some two 2digit numbers and practise your subtraction.

Task three:   word problems


A teacher opens a new pack of 48 pencils. She gives a pencil to each of her 32 children in her class. How many pencils are left in the pack?


You can see I have enlarged to the numbers for you.  You would circle the numbers in the sentence as you read it.  Now write the calculation out.


48 - 32 =

You now have a go at working it out.


You task now is to write some word problems for the calculations you have just done. 

e.g.  I showed you the problem 45 - 39 = .

So my word problem would be......


Mrs R-J had 45 delicious chocolate filled doughnuts hidden in her cupboard.  Along came 39 naughty year twos, who each took a doughnut from the cupboard when she was drinking her coffee!  How many chocolate filled doughnuts did Mrs R-J find left in her cupboard?


Ok off you go and have some fun.  Don't forget to send in your word problems, I can upload and share them for your fellow year 2s to answer!

Paddy's word problems.