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Lesson Four

Starter:   Look at the clock.... What time is it?  What will the time be in one hours time?  What will the time be in five minutes time?


Welcome back, we are going to look at money today. 


If you can get a selection of coins out of your money box.  You can always write coins onto a piece of paper instead.

Your first task is to order them into smallest to largest.


5p   20p   1p  50p  2p  £1   £2   


Now you will need to have a few of each coin if you can.  If like me you have a pot of copper coins just use these.  


  1. Grab a few coins
  2. write down what you have.  Notice how I haven't written 2 p and 2p, I've added them together to get 4p.
  3. Now add the total of your coins up.


Repeat this process a few times, using all the coins under £1.




Now we are going to look how we write pounds and pence.


  1. grab a few coins including a £1 coin.
  2. set them out again so you can see what you have. If you have more than one of a coin add them together.
  3. Look for you known number knowledge..... group them into hundreds (remember £1 is the same as 100p) , tens and ones
  4. Then we are going to add them together.
  5. This picture show you the hundreds, tens and ones we need to now add together. 
  6. We have written the number to show the hundreds, tens and ones within the number.  Notice how we don't write £1.409.  We remove the 0 from 40 as we would normally do in addition.

If you have no tens in your number, you will put a 0 in to represent the ten.  e.g.

If I picked up 5p, £1 and 1p

  1. I put them into order first.
  2. add the number fact I know.  So 5p + 1p = 6p
  3. I don't have any tens to I am going to add £1 and 6p together.  It is written as £1.06.  The 0 represents the fact I have no tens.

Have a go and see how many different totals you can make.  If you want to add some notes into your calculations, take that challenge.


Things to remember......

£1 is the same as 100p, 

£5 is the same as 500p,

and £10 is the same as 1000p.

The point that is used within money separates the hundreds from the tens and ones.  So above we made £1.49 which can be written as 149p.  We NEVER use both £ and p in our answers.  Just use one or the other.