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Lesson four

Starter fun:   

In pairs,  put your hands behind your backs, and bring them out showing any number of fingers. The first to say the total wins a cube. 

Switch it up by using multiples e.g. left hand 2 fingers,  right hand 3 fingers  2 x 3 =   or left hand represents the tens and the right ones.  Yes there's a limited number but go for speed!  Make it harder by having cards with the number 1 - 12 or even higher on.  Pick a card and times it by 2, 3, 4 or 5.



Today we are going to take what we have learnt previously and use money to add 2-digit numbers using 10p and 1p coins (to represent tens and ones) with totals less than 100.  You can use coins (if you're lucky enough to have some), drawing the coin or use coloured lego pieces to represent 10s and 1s.


So to get our brains working lets pick a number and represent it 10p and 1p.   e.g. 76  = 7 x 10p   6 x 1p   See picture below.  


Now have a go at adding together two 2 digit numbers represented in 10ps and 1ps.  e.g.   76p + 23p =

Again break it down into 10ps and 1ps. 

Draw the representation.  see the picture below.

Use the work book page or create your own numbers. Then take the mastery challenge.

Challenge yourself to take away using money.  You can use the figures above or create your own.  Remember if we are taking away the biggest number comes first.  We also only draw out the first number and then cross off what we want to take away.  Watch out! You might need to make an exchange!!  See the examples below.

Cross out what you want to take away. Make an exchange by changing a 10p for 10 x 1ps.