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Lesson Five


This can only mean it's our Friday challenge.  You know the routine by now.  How did you do?  Did you beat your time?  Did you get more done?  Don't forget it's ok if you have an off week and don't achieve as much as you did last week.  DON'T WORRY!

Today we are carrying on with money.  Can you solve some money problems?


To start you off can you make an amount using different coins three ways.

e.g.   If I want 26p, I could use:


  1. 10p, 10p 5p 1p
  2. 20p 5p 1p
  3. 4 x 5p, 3 x 2p     (Remember this is the short way of writing 5p + 5p + 5p + 5p +2p +2p +2p )



If you log onto Abacus you will see some problems have been allocated to you to do.

The Posting Costs - interactive challenge

There are some money speaking and listening problems allocated to each child. Have a go if you want to.

Homework is Bubble Burst. And there is a paper copy of homework attached. 

Check point Challenges for you to try