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Lesson five

Yay it's that time of the week again.  Full fat fun filled Friday folks!   Time for a FRIDAY CHALLENGE.  Remember if you would like to take our times table challenge please either print off one of the sheets below. This is timed and make sure it is the SAME one as you have done for the last two weeks.  This will be your third go.  If you don't have a printer you can still take the challenge, just get someone to read out the questions to you and time it.  You are aiming to either beat your time or get further down in 5 mins.

Good luck!  Don't forget to tell me if you have beaten your time or got further than last week.

So it's the end of another exhausting week.  I don't know about you but I am finding home schooling exhausting and can't wait to be back in the classroom!  Please do not fret if you do not complete every challenge that is set.  We are in difficult times and just do what you can do on that day.  You can always come back to it. 



What is 5 add 3?              5 + 3 = 8

So what is 50 add 30?     50 + 30 = 80

Children to spot that the second calculation has been x 10.  WE NEVER SAY JUST ADD A 0!!!!!

Have a go by picking two one digit numbers to add together.  Then times it by 10 (x10) 

Task one:

In pairs, chn add two 10s place-value cards (Resource sheet 24a/b) using number facts or counting on in 10s.

If you have a printer you could print off our place value cards but it is not essential.  If you do print them off then cut them out.  The ones number will sit on top of the 0 in the tens number.  see pictures below.

Don't forget to talk about the numbers.  There are ? tens in 64.  The value of the 6 in 64 is ?

Using place value cards

Task two:

using your cards create two 2 digit numbers and add them together.  Show each step.  See pictures below.

Use your cards to work out the answers to this work book page. Again apologies for the ABACUS through page.

Extend this to include 100s ie £1.00.   You could use your shopping list and take different items from the list and add them together. 


So remember if the item costs £1.20  your number is made up of a 100 and 20 .    If it costs £1.24  Your number is made up of  100, 20 and 4.

Homework will be called Marching Madness 2.23 a, b or c.  There is also a printable homework attached.  There are also some speaking and listening tasks saved to your account on Abacus called Addition and Subtraction 2.23 a, b or c.  Don't forget to have a look at these too.

One big triangle challenge: Your challenge is to arrange these triangles to make one big triangle, so the numbers that touch add up to 10.