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Lesson 5

Yay it's full fat fun filled Friday again!  We know what that means......FRIDAY CHALLENGE TIME AGAIN!

If you would like to take our times table challenge please either print off one of the sheets below.  Remember this is a timed challenge so you will need someone to time you.  You have five minutes to complete the challenge.  We do the same one each week, so make sure it is the same sheet you did last week.  If you don't have a printer don't worry you can ask someone to read out the questions to you.  You can still time it or just practise answering the questions.

So today we are going to continue finding change.  If you didn't manage to finish the tasks from yesterday don't worry, just carry on with them today.


If you did you might want to have a go at answering the questions below.   They start as finding numbers from whole numbers e.g. £5.00 - £3.00 = £2.00

Remember this could be written as

500p - 300p = 200p


Progressing up to using 50p within the answer.  Things to remember 50p + 50p = £1.00 or 50p + 50p = 100p


The super-dooper challenges will need you to use your number bond knowledge.   Knowing which combinations of number make 100.  e.g. 45p + 55p = £1.00.   Before you start this challenge you might want to write as many combinations of number bonds to 100 as you can. 

Take the challenge of finding change from £5, £10 and £20

Try find the change to these questions: Remember there may be more than one step to solving these problems.

Homework on Abacus will be Balloon Pop.  This will have been set yesterday, so don't forget to log in and take a look. A paper printable copy will be below.  Complete the Weeks lessons before you try this sheet