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Lesson 4

Today we will be following on from yesterdays lesson, finding the difference between two numbers.


Task one:  count up to work out a small difference between two numbers


We can find the difference between two numbers by counting up on a number line or bead string, jumping to the next multiple of ten.  This uses our known number knowledge.   

Look at Task One photo.  42 - 36 = ?


Now have a go at answering the questions next to it.




Task one

Task 2:  Work out change from 50p and £1 for items priced between 30p and 50p


Using the printable cards or by creating some of your own.  Pick a picture card and write a number sentence to work out the change from 50p or £1 (Remember £1 is the same as 100p)

For example. 


The hot dog picture is 38p.   50p - 38p = 12p

Draw yourself a number line to help work out the answer see Task 2 picture.


Task 2

Why not try these Mild, Hot, Spicy challenges

Task three:  Look at these questions.  Are they true or false?  Do I need to do more than one operation to answer the question?  This means I may have to add up before I take away.  This is called a two step problem.


  1. I have £1.00 and I spend 62p.  I am given 48p change.  Is this correct?
  2. I have 50p to spend.  I buy a sweet for 35p and get 15p change.  Is this correct?
  3. I spent 32p on a cake, 42p on a bun.  How much change will I get from £1.00?
  4. I spent 10p, 35p and 20p on pencils.  I have £1.00.  What change will I get.






Task Four: Nrich Problem Solving task

Phoebe's amazing maths work