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Lesson 4

Today we are going to understand how much a bottle can hold. 


You will need:

a 1ltr bottle or 2 ltr bottle (make sure it's empty!)  If you don't have a 1ltr bottle use a water bottle or your water bottle from school. If you don't have any empty bottles to use then use a saucepan!

some different sized pots like: yoghurt pots, cups of differrent sizes, egg cups etc.


You can use the record sheet below or make your own version to list your containers that you will be using.  Then make a prediction of how many times you will fill up the container to fill the bottle of your choice.  Put this number next to the name of the container.  e.g. egg cup  = 25

Then you will fill up the egg cup and pour it into the bottle until it is full. Write down how many times you had to refill your container.   for example:


Container and prediction Result
egg cup   =      25 72
yoghurt pot     =    10 50


Now answer these questions:


Which container did you use the most to fill your bottle of choice?

Which container did you use the least to fill your bottle of choice?

What is the difference between the most and the least container?


Printable resource You can change the 2lt to 1lt or what even measurement your bottle is.

Try these twinkl challenges: Printable copies below.

printable Capacity Challenge Cards